Our spacious cattery

The cattery is situated away from the kennels to provide a peaceful environment for your cats. Each cat is housed in its own private large apartment including a comfortable sleeping area and a fully-equipped exercise and play area.

Individual accommodation

Our cattery has been designed to naturally ventilate in order to keep your cat cool during the summer months. During the winter months your cat is provided an individual electric heat pad to keep them cat snuggly and warm.

Each cat has its own private accomodation and we take special care not to mix cats from different households.

Exercise and play area

All cats staying at Merooka have access to individual exercise/play areas. These areas have an array of challenging gym equipment that allows your cat to keep active, both mentally and physically whilst they are holidaying.

We recommend bringing something familiar from home such as a rug or a toy as this will allow your cat to settle in more quickly.

Premium cat food

We feed premium dry food, along with tin food, fresh meats, chicken and fish. Special diets can be catered for upon request.

If your cat requires medication, this will be administered in accordance with veterinary instruction.

Vaccination information

Cats must have a current F3 (minimum) vaccination.  We must sight your certificate at the time of delivery.